Become A Volunteer

Do you have what it takes to be Santa’s helper?
Do you want to serve hot cocoa on a moving train?

Come one! Come all!   It is Polar Express time.

If you have volunteered in the past we are hoping that you will once again hop on board with us and join in on all the fun. If you have not helped out before, please feel free to join us this year.

We always need Conductors, Chefs (no worries, there is no cooking involved) and Jolly People.

The trains will depart on December 9th and 10th, 2023

Volunteers for the train must be at least 15 years old. You are asked to wear a white shirt with a pair of black pants. Please dress warmly as the train can be drafty. We will provide the hats, aprons and anything else to transform you into a chef. For those who will be conductors we will provide hats, mustaches (if you haven’t grown your own), ticket punchers and bow ties. Conductors will also need to wear a black suit-type jacket. Wear comfortable shoes. There will not be room on the cars for your heavy coats but we will have space inside the station to store them. Unfortunately, each seat is a paid seat, therefore, there will be no room for your children or grandchildren unless they have a ticket.

We need Jolly People to be inside the station. Ages 11 and up can volunteer for this position. Costumes will be provided but all Jolly People MUST wear a red top and black pants. We will feed Jolly People! Community service approved!!

The chefs serve the hot cocoa, clean up their cars after each ride, and help the readers show pictures, as the story is being read and most importantly – YOU ARE TO HAVE FUN!

The conductors go through their cars, punching the tickets, passing out the candy and most importantly – YOU ARE TO HAVE FUN!

We invite you to share this info with your family, friends and co-workers. We are looking forward to seeing each and every one of you again this year as we head off to the North Pole.

All volunteers will be required to attend a one (1) hour training session. **All training will take place at the Welcome Center in downtown White River.**

The North Pole is seeking friendly, jolly and energetic Elves!

If you have volunteered in the past, we are hoping that you will jump on-board with us this year. If you have not helped out in the past, come join in on the fun and excitement this year!

The North Pole Elves will be located at the North Pole (Train Station in Norwich, VT) The volunteer elves at the North Pole are expected to create a magical and memorable North Pole experience for all the Polar Express passengers

Volunteers for the North Pole are asked to dress in red or green (please dress warmly as the North Pole can be chilly this time of year!) Each elf will be provided with a tunic, hat and boots (provided) to fully transform you into a jolly elf!

Those interested in volunteering please sign up here:

For volunteer opportunity questions contact us HERE

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